10 Dance Exercises to Work Out With

If your workout routine has gotten a little dull, adding some dance workouts to your routine can help breathe a little fire into your cardio sessions. 

Dance allows you to get out of your head and into your body, all while grooving to the beat. Fortunately for you, there are tons of dance workouts online. Yes, you can still get in a great cardio workout without going to the gym or studio.

If you’re just trying out dance workouts, YouTube has tons of dance workout videos to choose from—whether you’re looking for quick, one-song rounds or a total dance workout.

Hip-Hop Dancers Having Training

The Benefits of Dance Routines

  • develops agility and flexibility
  • improves balance and coordination
  • promotes healthy cardiovascular health
  • Strengthen muscle tone and strength
  • supports and strengthens bone strength
  • aids in weight loss or maintenance
  • enhances memory and perception
  • elevates mood
  • decreases normal stress levels
  • raises self-esteem
  • is easily adaptable to meet your needs

Hit Dance Workouts To Try At Home

dance at home

‘Señorita’ by Caleb Marshall

Immerse yourself in a fun, dynamic dance workout centered around the sensational 2018 duet “Señorita” by icons Shawn Mendes and Camilla Cabello. At only 3-4 minutes, you can quickly add this dance into your daily routine for a quick pick-me-up. Want more from Caleb Marshall? Check out some of his other exciting workouts on Instagram.

Muqabla Bollywood Dance Workout

Jump right into that upbeat Bollywood vibe with YouTuber Rahul. This video rolls heavily on the fun, uplifting side of Bollywood music while making sure you get in a hot workout. Check out more of his other videos on Instagram.

‘Tala’ Zumba Dance Workout by Live Love Party

When was the last time you got into some Zumba? Too long, right? Whether you’re an experienced Zumba dancer or not, Live Love Party gets right into the action. You’ll feel your blood pumping and your whole body flowing smoothly with the beat of the drums. Check them out on Instagram.

15-Minute Dance Party Workout

You’ve got some time to spare? Get ready to break a sweat, sing along while having a blast. MadFit walks you through a high-energy 15-minute dance workout with some of the most popular music from the 2000s. This dance workout gets your blood pumping while giving you some much-needed positive vibes.

30-Minute Dance Workout

Take your dance workouts to the next level! Tanju from FitSevenElevent takes you to new heights with an intensive 30-minute that starts off smooth but gradually pulls you in an intense cardio session with fun dance moves. This workout is suitable for all levels and ensures you get a satisfactory amount of cardio for the day.


African Dance Online Workout

Helio Faria from dancefunfitness walks you right into a world of fun dance workouts (his Instagram handle definitely delivers) with some of the world’s biggest, most popular Afrobeat and Dancehall top-hitters.

BollyX, The Bollywood Workout

With tons of dance workout clips for different levels, BollyX knows just how to pick the right songs and rhythms to make a total-body dance workout feel enjoyable and effortless. Check out BollyX on Instagram.

Extreme Dance Workout

Want a more comprehensive start to your dance workout? Want to add dance workouts into your daily routine but not sure if you can keep up just yet? This follow-along dance routine from MYLEE Dance will teach you the moves by describing each movement as the workout progresses. Check out MYLEE Dance on Instagram.

Reebok x Les Mills BodyJam Workout

In this dance workout, you’ll learn dance moves from not one but three distinct choreographers. This dance workout is more suited for the advanced beginner. Each choreographed segment repeats itself a few times before blending together into a flowing dance routine. The coolest part? Actress Nina Dobrev will be dancing with you the entire time, adding to the innovation of having a celeb work out with you! 

Hip-Hop Glutes and Core Workout With Mike Peele

“Hip-hop lovers, rejoice and dance: Mike Peele is stimulating and energetic, and he actually uses popular music for his workouts. This choreography-based dance workout is ideal for people with experience in dance fitness. The last eight minutes of the video are dedicated to engaging in strength-training moves like squats and planks, in addition to a cool-down to really round out your workout.



dance takeaway

Dance workouts are an effective form of exercise that has many benefits. Dance workouts can be used to improve cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, strength, and balance. One study found that dance workouts have been shown to increase the ability of older adults in performing daily activities such as walking up stairs or getting out of chairs. This is just one example of what a person can gain from a dance workout. If you’re looking for an effective form of exercise that will provide you with many benefits, then consider adding dance workout into your routine!

Tired of the same old day at the gym? Spice up your fitness routine with a fun dance workout video instead. Dancing can be an extreme workout that burns tons of calories and grows muscle. The free videos above will show you the ropes.

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