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5 Exercises to Help You Burn Off More Calories Than Ever

Many people want to know how to burn calories, and the answer to that is cardio. However, not all cardio is the same. There are a lot of great cardio exercises available, but some will definitely give you more of a workout than others. Here is a list of exercises that burn the most calories and tips on how you can incorporate these into your daily routine.

Before You Choose:

There are many calorie-burning workouts; however, you may want to pick one or two that you will enjoy. Here are a few things to consider:

  • The amount you burn depends on your weight: Heavier people are working with more weight during an exercise, so while a person who weighs 125 pounds may burn 100 calories during a workout, a person who weighs 200 pounds will burn more.
  • Intensity is also a factor: Many people want to know what exercises burn the most calories. This depends on the intensity with which you perform an exercise. For instance, you burn calories walking, but you’ll burn more during a brisk walk vs. a leisurely pace.
  • Consistency is key: In order to get and stay fit, you’ll need to be consistent. Going in with something super intense will likely be extremely difficult and may cause you to lose motivation. If you’re looking for how to burn 500 calories a day or the fastest way to burn 1000 calories, you want to rethink your fitness plan.
  • Diet and Hydration: Both play a key role in helping your body get the most out of the workout.
  • Safety: Always follow safety instructions and stretch before and after a workout. Stretching not only burns some calories but will also prevent injury and increase your flexibility

1. Running

 When it comes to running, an extended run that is at a fast pace is what burns the most calories. Remember to be burning calories, you’ll want your heart rate to be in a specific target zone, so you’ll want to keep a brisk pace. You may run on a treadmill at the gym, a track, or even around your neighborhood.  You’ll need a good pair of running shoes and a safe place to run. You may also want a Fitbit or a similar device to track your heart rate and a killer music mix.

2. Bicycling

Burning calories bicycling

You can choose between taking your bicycle on the street or using a stationary bike at the gym. Keep in mind, that intensity is key in burning calories, so you’ll want to be pedaling fast and potentially increasing the challenge by going uphill if you’re on the street. However, high intensity bicycling may not be the safest thing to do in your city as you’ll need to bear in mind traffic and pedestrians. In this case, you may want to go to the gym instead. This is also one of the best exercises to burn calories at the gym if you like multitasking. You’ll need a bicycle or membership to a gym where stationary bicycles are available. You may also want a bottle of water and a towel.

3. Calisthenics

Burning calories with calisthenics

Fast-paced calisthenics is the best exercise to lose weight at home while also gaining lean muscle. You’ll need a little bit of space and very little equipment. In case you’re not familiar, calisthenics exercises include lunges, squat jumps, pushups, sit-ups, and burpees. These are exercises that typically use your own bodyweight to give you a workout so that the number of calories you burn will also depend on how heavy you are. The key to burning calories using calisthenics is to keep the intensity high throughout your workout, which means going from one exercise to another without a break.

To start a calisthenics workout, you can choose a group of 5-7 exercises to execute. You’ll want to set a number of reps per exercise or an amount of time to perform the exercise. For instance, your workout may feature 20 burpees, 40 lunges, 50 sit-ups, and 100 jumping jacks. Or you may choose to do a minute of jumping jacks, a minute of lunges, and a minute or burpees.

If you are struggling to come up to the order on your own, there are plenty of videos available for purchase and online to help guide you.You’ll need a space to work out and a list of exercises or a video. You may also want a bottle of water, a towel, and a yoga mat.

4. Swimming

Calories burned swimming

Swimming is a great calorie burner and can help you work muscles that you otherwise may be neglecting. To burn calories swimming, you’ll want to swim the length of the pool from one end to another. As with calisthenics, it helps to have a plan for your swimming workout.

As an example, you can choose to do three laps where one lap is swimming to the other end and coming back to your starting point. If it’s been a while since you swam, start slow.You’ll need access to a pool, a bathing suit, and goggles. You may also want a bottle of water and a towel.

5. Aerobic Dance

Burning calories with High Intensity Aerobic Dance

High-intensity dance workouts are great gym workouts to lose weight for beginners because you’ll have an instructor to guide you through stretching and through the movements. Dance is typically fun and will help you entertained enough to come back.You’ll need access to an aerobic dance class or an aerobic dance video. You will also need space to move, a bottle of water, and a towel.


What Exercise Burns Most Calories: Intense aerobic exercises are the best way to burn calories. The fastest way to burn calories is by upping the intensity of the workout.

Does Stretching Burn Calories: Yes, and it also helps prevent injury

How Many Calories Should I Burn in a Workout: You should aim for about 200 to 300 calories

What Else Do I Need to Lose Weight Fast?: You’ll need a healthy diet to complement your workout.

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