Best Workout Subscription Boxes of 2020

You can pretty much have everything, from groceries to your favorite wine, delivered to your home in a convenient subscription box. Well, fitness supplies are no different. There are plenty of fitness subscription boxes you can join that are sure to satisfy your health and fitness needs. And we’ve rounded up the best ones 2020 has to offer.

There’s a box below for every kind of fitness enthusiast – for the devoted yogis and those who love to snack as much as they love to sweat. And the best part about most of the subscriptions is that you can adjust the recurrence of your orders however you see fit. Here are ten fitness subscription boxes that are sure to elevate your workout sessions.

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Best Fitness Subscription Boxes 2020

Spartan Carton

Pricing: $25 a month – $99 depending on the box you pick.

Subscription: When you subscribe to Spartan Carton, you have two options: Citizen Spartan Carton (3 supplements, 3 snacks, and workout gear) or the Warrior Carton (the Citizen box plus higher-quality fitness and workout gear).

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Factor 75

Pricing: $60/week for 4 meals

Subscription: Get fresh, gourmet prepared meals sent straight to your home. Just put them in the microwave when you’re ready to eat, and they’ll be good to go in minutes. Every Factor 75 meal is gluten-free, soy-free, non-GMO, and contains no trace of antibiotics, hormones, or refined sugars. 

Coupon: Use the code UrbanTastebud40 to get $40 off two weeks here.


Pricing: $24 a month

Subscription: This one is for our lady readers! When you subscribe to Fabletics, you’ll get quality women’s sportswear and supplies for one low rate. Upon signing up, you will be given a quiz regarding your body shape, workout habits, and preferred colors. Then from there, you’ll have the option of shopping for your looks. After that, you’ll get a stuffed box every month with a new, killer workout outfit.

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Pricing: $32 a month + $7 for shipping.

Subscription: With Gainzbox, you get a customized athlete box of cool Crossfit gear delivered to your home every month. When you sign up, you’ll be given the option of choosing your apparel gender as well as your top, bottom, and underclothing size. Then select the frequency you’d like to receive these, and that’s it!

Coupon: Use the code GZ10 to save 10% on your order here.


Pricing: Starts at $49 a month

Subscription: If you regularly take protein to supplement your workouts, you need to try Gainful. Gainful is a protein subscription box that ships protein powder tailored precisely to your body type and strength goals. Signing up is easy; just take a quiz regarding your long-term weight goals, workout style, and dietary inclinations. From there, you’ll be recommended the ideal personalized protein powder mix to meet those goals.

Coupon: Use the code TAKE10OFF to get 10% off here.


Pricing: $29.99 a month

Subscription: Get convenient fitness goods delivered straight to your home each month from popular brands such as Musclepharm, 1 up Nutrition, Quest, and Bmfit, and more. 

Subscribers have 3 options – the Muscle Box for men looking to crush their workout and bodybuilding goals, the Miss Muscle Box for the ladies who want to get strong and toned, and the Protein Box, which carries nothing but protein blends to help promote muscle repair and weight loss.

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Pricing: $15 a month

Subscription: JackedPack is a handy, monthly supplement subscription box created for serious weightlifters, bodybuilders, and fitness enthusiasts looking to get ripped. To get started, you will be asked about your fitness goals and flavor preferences, and JackedPack will send you 5-10 samples for you to try. This is the best subscription box for athletes or sports enthusiasts.

Coupon: Click here to join JackedPack.


Pricing: $110-$120 for 10 meals

Subscription: With MealPro, you’ll get healthy meal portions delivered straight to your home. Each meal contains at least 35 grams of protein, organic ingredients and consists of 16 oz (or more) serving sizes. The best part is that the meals are pre-cooked, so just pop them in the microwave, and they’ll be ready in a few minutes.

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Fit Lifestyle Box

Pricing: $24 a month

Subscription: With Fit Lifestyle Box, you’ll receive a personalized box each month based on your health and fitness goals. Whether you’re looking to cut some weight, gain muscle mass, or just stay active, you’ll get protein snacks, samples, a 30-day workout, and a full-sized product each month. 

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Pricing: $35.99 – $189.99 a month

Subscription: Get 12 low-sugar, healthy, non-GMO, nutritional protein bars and snacks delivered to your door every month. The best part? Every plan comes with a pair of headphones!

Coupon / Buy Now: Join here.


Whether you’re looking to rekindle your healthy and active lifestyle, or you want to stray from those bad eating habits and eat a little healthier, these fitness subscription boxes are some of the best out there today.

In most subscription boxes, you’ll find healthy snacks, protein-rich powders, supplements, as well as some quality workout gear to help motivate you. But don’t worry, you don’t have to be a professional athlete or in top condition to join one of these – they are meant for everyone.



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