FAB for Knee Injuries


Recovery and return to regular function after surgical reconstruction of an ACL injury can take months. The same goes for an MCL injury or a dislocated knee. As a troublesome consequence of these severe injuries, many recovered patients have reported stiffness and aches in their joints even years after suffering the trauma. 

Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen patients turn to more natural alternatives when it comes to relieving discomfort. These herbal-infused topical treatments boast pain-alleviating properties that have proven to be more than useful for patients recovering from an injury. Some of the benefits of topical creams include:


  • Supports healthy joints and mobility
  • Promotes healthy recovery from injuries
  • Soothe muscles and joints before recovery rehabilitation exercises

FAB Topical Solution for Injuries

FAB’s topical collection is a top pick among patients with joint complications. The potent Fresh Cream can support a healthy recovery by relieving stiffness and aches in healing joints. The Body Salve, on the other hand, works like a typical pain relief pack as it features a magnificent heating and cooling sensation and contains primary essential oils and organic ingredients.

A Natural Alternative to Relief

Recovery is excruciating enough as it is. If the constant pain keeps you from enjoying even the little pleasures of life, look no further than FAB. Regular use of FAB topical products can provide a wide range of benefits against discomfort and pain.

About FAB

Established in 2017, FAB quickly earned a reputation for its quality herbal products made with entirely natural formulations. Moreover, all their formulas are independently tested by third-party laboratories, ensuring the highest quality, safety, and purity standards. So when you buy from FAB, you know that you are getting the best natural supplements available on the market.

With one of the largest customer bases in the industry, the brand has steadily instituted a community of health-minded individuals through their mission, making FAB the go-to option for newcomers who don’t want to go through this journey alone. Today, the company has an established position as one of the most trusted brands in the industry. Several of their products have been featured in prestigious publications like Business Insider, Forbes, LA Weekly, and more.

Recovering From Knee Injuries?  

Ready to give natural, herbal-infused products a try? Visit FAB today and learn more about their natural products, including their best-selling topical creams made for everyday stiffness and aches.

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