Flora’s MVP Bundle for Recovery

If muscle soreness and achy joints keep you from crushing your next workout, you need to improve your recovery process. Recovery plays a crucial role in optimal performance and training. Having a good recovery routine is vital to daily physical wellness. That’s why adopting proper post-exercise practices can help support muscle and joint health over time. 

More athletes and fitness enthusiasts nationwide are turning to natural alternative methods for improved recovery. As advocates of health and fitness, we couldn’t agree more and recommend you try the MVP bundle from one of our favorite wellness brands, Flora. 

MVP Recovery

Flora’s MVP Bundle carries two of the brand’s signature items for a complete solution to post-workout fatigue and stress. As opposed to other fitness-focused bundles, Flora offers a complete solution for more complete relief, focusing on internal and external factors impairing recovery. 

Signature Oil

One of the strongest oils in their collection, the 2000mg Flora oil, is specifically created for active people needing moderate support to cope with physical struggles.


Muscle & Joint Cream

Maximum strength herbal cream for sports-related stiffness and physical discomfort associated with muscles and joints. The application of Flora’s pain cream is beneficial for those leading an active lifestyle or people with physically-demanding professions.

Using these two supplements as part of your recovery routine may help:

  • Improve muscle recovery after exercise
  • Support sore and tired joints
  • Replenish natural energy levels
  • Improve pain management
  • Reduce fatigue and physical stress

Improve Your Recovery Routine With Flora

Flora’s natural bundle for recovery is the perfect tool for athletes, gym-goers, fitness enthusiasts, and anyone leading an active lifestyle. If your weeks consist of dynamic exercises, then Flora’s MVP bundle may be just what you need to keep doing what you do best.

About Flora 

Flora is a prominent retailer of natural wellness products best known for its extensive collection of herbal-infused shisha flavors. The company’s ultimate goal is to make herbal products’ natural benefits more accessible to the public. That is why they offer a broad range of products in different forms, strengths, and flavors. Plus, all of their products are lab-tested by independent labs to ensure their products meet standard requirements. 

Explore Flora for More Quality Natural Supplements

Specifically designed for fitness enthusiasts looking to improve their recovery routine, Flora’s MVP bundle is sure not to disappoint. Flora’s values are deeply rooted in transparency, quality, and innovation, which is why all of their products are formulated with only the finest natural ingredients and the safest manufacturing processes. Explore their website for more products.

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