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Is Getting Back in Shape Your 2021 Goal? Boost Your Workout With C60

It’s more than likely that you let go of some of your workout habits in 2020. So, if you’re looking for extra motivation to get in your best shape yet this year or just to give your body and mind a burst of energy for your workday, consider adding Carbon 60 (C60) to your daily routine. 

Hundreds of times more powerful than traditional antioxidants, C60 is a naturally occurring molecule that can maximize your cells’ efficiency to support increased energy levels, muscle growth, and healthy inflammatory response for faster recovery. 

Here’s why adding C60, the ultimate antioxidant, to your protein shake, morning smoothie, or daily coffee can help take your workout to the next level.

Increase Your Energy at the Cellular Level

ATP is the molecule responsible for producing energy in all of your cells – from boosting brain function to helping your muscles lift more. However, with this energy production comes oxidative free radical production—the damaging inflammation that can prevent your cells from working at their best, making you feel tired or sluggish.  

C60 is characterized as a “free radical sponge.” It protects your cells from free radical damage to promote maximum energy production and a healthy inflammatory response. This enables your muscles to function more efficiently, so you are better prepared to get in more reps at your next gym session.   

Support a Faster Recovery Time  

C60 has also been shown to help increase muscle endurance and shorten recovery time after a workout. Intense exercise can produce large amounts of oxidative free radicals, which can spread throughout the cell, causing muscle soreness. By targeting these oxidative radicals, C60 can help you keep your muscles in top shape. 

C60 can also support stem cell growth in your body, which can help your muscles heal faster, naturally, and boost recovery time so that you can keep a vigorous exercise schedule.

Promote Muscle Growth and a Healthier Metabolism 

As you age, hormones that support muscle growth and a healthy metabolism—like testosterone and estrogen—are depleted. C60 works at the cellular level to help restore your hormones to youthful levels.  

How? Regularly taking C60 has been shown to increase pregnenolone in your cells—the building block for most hormones in the body. With your hormones in check, you may see better results from your hard work at the gym. 

Try C60 + MCT Coconut Oil for Dual Energy-Boosting Power 

For the ultimate pre-workout energy jolt, we recommend C60 Purple Power in Organic MCT Coconut Oil.  

What makes organic MCT coconut oil a great partner for the energy-boosting powers of C60? Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) are a naturally occurring type of fat easily absorbed as fuel in the digestive process – giving you an instant energy boost. Plus, MCT oil has been shown to help:  

  • Maintain healthy blood sugar levels 
  • Support a healthy inflammatory response 
  • Burn fat and support a healthy metabolism 
  • Sharpen memory, concentration, and recall
  • Fortify a healthy immune system 

If you are an athlete trying to get an edge on your competition, working through an injury, or just trying to be more active in 2021, adding C60 to your daily routine can help you achieve your fitness goals this year. 

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