Hyperhidrosis in College Students

If you think you are the only one with excessive underarm sweating, think again. In the U.S., over 10 MILLION PEOPLE experience excessive underarm sweating – it’s normal. College students are certainly not immune from this condition (hyperhidrosis). In fact, most people begin seeing the effects of excessive sweating between the ages of 14-25. While this is a sensitive topic, rest assured, it is pretty common and easily manageable.

The most common treatment for underarm hyperhidrosis is antiperspirants. These are topical treatments available in several different strengths, including “regular” and “clinical strength” over-the-counter formulas and prescription-strength.

In the past, there’s been a lack of clinical-strength antiperspirants. However, the recent emergence of quality clinical strength antiperspirants has been shown to provide the same sweat management level as prescribed products but with minor irritation. One antiperspirant, Duradry, has even gone a step farther to incorporate moisturizing properties into their formulas to combat this side effect (irritation).

Stop Excessive Sweating With Duradry

The all-natural antiperspirant from Duradry is unscented, hypoallergenic, odor-neutralizing, and residue-free and is safe to apply anywhere (underarms, chest, back, hands, feet). Plus, the convenient pocket-size makes it perfect for people who need sweat protection on the go (athletes, students, etc.) The brand’s 3-step process (Duradry AM, PM, and Duradry Wash) includes three products working together to treat even the worst extreme perspiration cases. The best part? Duradry offers a 6-week supply for just $20. Duradry even offers free shipping on orders in the U.S. Get started today and start seeing results after as little as a week!

An Inclusive Approach to Managing Excessive Sweating

Duradry’s three-step process is considered the most comprehensive system to combat excessive sweating. The brand’s full-proof protection plan consists of three topical products designed to provide all-day protection regardless of your routine or lifestyle. Duradry is highly accessible and affordable despite being one of the top brands on the market. Plus, their monthly subscription service can help you save money with every order.

About Duradry

Duradry is a company dedicated to solutions aimed at reducing and preventing excessive sweating. The brand is primarily known for its FDA-approved products that make up a complete system proven to control excessive sweating once and for all.

Explore Duradry Products Today

While excessive sweating may be irritating and embarrassing, it is as common as it is treatable. Shopping Duradry helps you save time and money by skipping dermatologist visits and expensive prescription costs. The company offers various discounts and offers to help you save with every purchase. That said, their subscription service can help you save over 40% with every order, which can add up to hundreds of dollars in savings over time. No more stressing and sweating, shop Duradry!

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