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Nano Technology Topicals: The Future of Herbal Products

  Nanotechnology is the study and utilization of extremely small particles. Nanotechnology is applied to many different fields, such as biology, physics, engineering, and the latest, being the formulation of herbal products. The company we’re taking a look at today implements nanotechnology when creating some of the most innovative herbal products on the market. This company is TheraGreen, a breakout company in 2020 that’s changing the game with their technology. Read more to continue learning about the future of herbal products.

Who Is TheraGreen?

  TheraGreen is a thriving manufacturer and retailer of natural wellness products famously known for its nanotechnology salves and roll-ons. The company’s aim is to not only make herbal products more accessible to the public, but to help people experience the benefits of herbal products for themselves. They offer a broad range of products in varying strengths, forms, and flavors. 

  The impetus for TheraGreen was genuinely personal. Unlike most generic brands out there, the founder and former NCAA Division I football player, Justin Rayside, has a personal history with experiencing injury and discomfort from the constant pounding and demands of football. He tried herbal products and wondered why more people aren’t using them to feel better and experience relief. So with that mission TheraGreen was born, everything including their nanotechnology and THC-free products were created with one purpose in mind – having a positive impact on their users’ wellbeing.

Nano Technology Products

  TheraGreen’s nano products are capable of providing an immediate level of relief because of the ground breaking nanotechnology process. This is the process of shrinking the herbal molecules to a nano-sized molecule; with the nano-sized particles, relief occurs instantly due to the ability of the molecules to move through the body at increased speed. Because the size of the molecules are so small, this also increases the bioavailability of the product from 40%-60% (the herbal product average) to almost 100%. Some of the nanotech products TheraGreen carries includes different flavors like:

  • Green Blossom Roll-On with NanoTech
  • Chilli Blossom Salve with NanoTech
  • Tangerine Dream Roll-On with NanoTech
  • Orange Blossom Salve with NanoTech

TheraGreen’s Muscle Care products

  Not only does TheraGreen have ground breaking NanoTech Roll-On’s and Salves, but they also sell products specifically for muscle relief.

Dube Sports Roll-On 500mg

  TheraGreen’s Relief Roll-On Gel is a simple, convenient, and effective way to immediately alleviate pain associated with physical effort. The company’s relief roll-on is great for relieving minor aches, such as sore muscles, sore joints, strains, bruises, sprains, aches, stiffness, as well as arthritis.

Instant Freeze Healing Pain Rub

  Thera’s  Instant Freeze Healing Pain Rub is the key for many people to getting rid of sustained discomfort and feeling better. Designed to provide fast relief of muscle aches and other joint pains, TheraGreen’s pain rub contains a quality herbal extract that effectively binds to your receptors that work swiftly to alleviate soreness, stiffness, and reduce discomfort. In addition, not only can this product provide relief, but it also acts as a powerful moisturizer.

Shop TheraGreen for More Products

  TheraGreen’s products are the epitome of quality. This obsession with formulating products that people can rely on has enabled them to set the bar pretty high for other natural wellness brands. In addition to carrying premium products, the company displays certificates of analysis for each and every product they sell, so users know exactly what’s in the products they’re using.

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