OMG Fit Collection

The right workout outfit can elevate your daily workout routine and make you look good at the same time. Whether you favor a good old run on a treadmill, enjoy cycling in a spin class, or like to take your workout outdoors, good workout clothes are essential. Some fitness clothing pieces are strictly performance-oriented, some are highly fashion-oriented, but if you know where to look, you can find a workout fit that makes you look sexy as hell and one that is specifically designed to maximize your daily grind.

We get it! Selecting the right workout clothes is not as easy as it seems; there is a lot to consider. Most of the choices out there are either too boring or too expensive. However, the OMG Fit collection from OMG Swimwear is anything but boring.

Who Is OMG Swimwear?

OMG Swimwear is a premium retailer of swimsuits, workout clothes, lingerie, and so much more. Unlike most swimwear retailers, OMG’s styles are unique, sophisticated, chic, and trendy as hell. To separate itself from the competition, OMG invests heavily in higher quality material to manufacture the best and hottest fits.

The Fit collection from OMG carries versatile workout clothes, meaning they are designed not only for the gym but for the casual functions as well. These fits are available in unique, trendy, and smart designs that you simply cannot afford to drop. Without further ado, ladies, this is OMG Fit!

The OMG Fitness Collection

Fit AF Jumpsuit

Grind TIME, ladies!! The sexiest ladies are the ones that are not afraid to be themselves and show off. This neck-breaking red “FIT AF” jumpsuit is to die for! Talk about details? This design has details for days. The hoodie, laser cuts, and the opened cut back all make this fit one of the hottest in the collection. This jumpsuit wasn’t designed for the reticent; this was made for the ladies who want to show off the result of their hard work.

Inspired Reflective Jumpsuit

Are you looking for something different? Something that strikes? You absolutely need the Inspired Reflective Jumpsuit. The fabric on this design is EVERYTHING! A guaranteed head-turner. Ladies, this is your chance to light up everyone’s world when you walk in the gym.

Strong AF (Set)

You know how much of a badass you are. If you smirked while looking at this fit, and if that little voice inside your head whispered, “I can totally pull this off,” who are we to stop you? The leather design straps and metallic buttons will definitely put your STRONG AF vibes out there. The sports bra has stretch for a comfortable and control fit while you run or get those yoga positions in.

Fearless Snake (Set)

The Fearless Snake is easily one of the hottest styles in the collection. Fearless and bold ladies, this is your time to shine! This fit will have you looking like a whole pre-workout snack. Just wait till you feel the fabric on your skin. You’re going to die – from a killer workout that is.


Quality means everything to OMG, and it’s not hard to understand why that is. The industry the company competes in is packed with top contenders offering high-end pieces. To compete in such an environment, OMG understands that their products have to stand above the competition. That’s why they have invented their own fit wear fabric, something that’s definitely going to stand out from the rest. You’ll catch yourself saying “WOW, THIS IS THE BEST FITWEAR EVER.”


Auxiliadora Castro

Absolutely amazing, comfortable, faja-like material. Excellent quality and hot AF

Peter Garcia

Ordered this and the red now I want them all!!! Small fits a 5’4” 123lbs 32C perfect!

Maura Monteagudo

These pieces are hot as hell! I just received my STRONG AF fit and I am loving it. Thank you, OMG!!


Your workout fits should do more than just make you look sexy. A good workout outfit should make you look good and boost the efficiency of your workouts. Different fabrics boast different benefits, so don’t settle for the cheapest activewear, get something that will last, and makes you feel confident. Shop OMG Swimwear for more activewear, swimwear, lingerie, and many more.

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