Penguin’s Topical Solution


Being active is unquestionably an excellent habit to get into; however, being continuously active has its disadvantages. Yes, we’re talking about those unpleasant muscles and joint aches. When it comes to easing these discomforts, most people reach for pain relief pills or the good old ice pack, but modern science taught us that there is a more efficient way to go about it. 

Today, workout aficionados have access to topical applications. Soothing creams or gels that boast pain-relieving properties right where you need it. These plant-based creams have proven more than useful in easing muscle and joint-related pains and help circumvent some of the unwanted side effects associated with pills. 

Relief creams are typically formulated from a blend of soothing ingredients, including herbal extracts, for a more potent solution. Many of them provide a warming sensation or a cool and tingly sensation. Before we dive into the essence of this article, let’s go over the pros and cons of relief creams.


  • Localized support to affected areas
  • Contains moisturizing properties
  • Fast and easy application


  • Low bioavailability rate
  • Works with sustained use
  • High-price points for stronger concentrations

Today, we’re going to review one of the most effective relief creams ever to hit the market – Penguin’s Peppermint Herbal Cream.

Penguin’s Plant-Based Solution 

Penguin is one of the most renowned retailers of botanical products out there. Their plant-based solution is a terpene-rich, silky smooth cream that cools upon contact and is designed to be absorbed instantly. Users of this cream praise its delightful scent, which is a peppermint-lavender blend.

The best part? You only need a small amount of the cream for it to do its magic. Simply spread some on the affected area, massage it thoroughly into the skin. For maximum effectiveness,  apply once in the morning and once at night, and you’re good to go!

The Process

Quality is the number one priority at Penguin, and unlike many other retailers, the customer’s experience comes first. That’s why the company gets involved in every step of the process. From the field to the lab, their plants remain unsullied and free from any artificial additives. The plants are processed through their cutting-edge, CO2 extraction technology until they become a refined, broad-spectrum oil. This oil is then blended with other natural ingredients to produce highly effective creams. 


While their plant-based cream has become their flagship product, Penguin offers a diverse line of plant-based products. The company offers some of the industry’s most effective products, all of which include the same plant-derived extracts known to promote wellness. 

Also, their products can help with certain aspects of mental health, such as anxiety, mood management, as well as focus. We encourage you to visit the Penguin to explore their complete lineup to discover more of their amazing products.

Penguin brings a fresh, more honest approach to the wellness industry. They are transparent about everything they do, including their manufacturing process and the ingredients they use in each of their products. As a token of their appreciation, the company is offering a discount for new and returning customers with coupon code: Waddle10

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