Relieve Sciatica Pain Naturally

With Tailored Extra Strength Balm

Sciatica is one of the most common health problems experienced by Americans. It is a condition that causes pain and tingling sensations on one side of your body, often your buttock or leg. Sciatica pain can be very debilitating and make it difficult to do daily activities like work and exercise. Fortunately, there are now various treatments for sciatica pain, including physical therapy, prescription medications, and other pain-relieving solutions like Tailored best-selling extra strength balms.

About Tailored Balms for Sciatica Pain

Tailored balms are made with all plant-based ingredients and expertly formulated to reduce feelings of pain and discomfort related to sciatica. Available in cooling and warming formats, Tailored balms contain a unique herbal blend formulated to reduce pain by decreasing inflammation in surrounding tissue near where you apply it, making it extremely useful not only for sciatica but other types of pain as well.

Due to its strong anti-inflammatory properties, Tailored extra strength 1000 mg balms may:


  • Support deep tissue recovery
  • Soothe stiff joints and muscles
  • Help with neuropathic pain
  • Alleviate nerve pain
  • Reduce feelings of discomfort
  • Increase mobility


Both warm and cooling balms are free of artificial fragrances and dyes so that they can be used by all types of users, including those with skin and fragrance sensitivities. Whether you need sciatica relief every day or a little extra support after the gym, these balms will provide you with that extra support you need.

Why Choose Tailored?

Tailored is one of the leading companies in today’s highly competitive natural wellness space. They offer a diverse collection of high-quality products made from the best plant-based ingredients. In addition to balms, you can also find premium-grade flower, oils, edibles, and even herbal supplements for pets.  All their products are made in the USA and undergo stringent quality control processes, including strict third-party lab tests that guarantee top quality, purity, and effectiveness. If you are in the market for the best quality, most trusted natural wellness products, look no further than Tailored.

Don't Let Pain Hold You Back

You should never have to live in pain. With products like Tailored herbal balms, it is now easier than ever to relieve sciatica pain and get back to living your best life again. So what are you waiting for? Visit the Tailored website today to order or learn more!