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Simply Fit Board Review: Does it Really Work?

When I, the disembodied voice of this article, was a child, my house was littered with boring As Seen on TV workout equipment. The only interesting one to a kid was a round, wobble-style balance board.

It forces you to balance, but it doesn’t just dramatically improve balance or discipline if you don’t put in the work. So laying eyes on the Simply Fit Board immediately told me two things about it.

  1. It is only going to “really work” if you commit to utilizing it and already have a little balance to get you started.
  2. Doing simple exercise on a wobbly toy isn’t as fun as they want you to believe; it’s still just exercise.

What is the Simply Fit Board?

  • The Simply Fit is a workout balance board meant to engage your core and tone abs and legs. It’s one of the latest iterations in a long line of similar products, the first of which was patented all the way back in the 1950s.
  • It’s a dead-simple product: a single piece of curved, textured plastic with handholds on either side. It weighs 3 pounds and can support up to 400 pounds.
  • The Simply Fit Board is rocker-style, which means the fulcrum point is built-in and the board is designed to go back and forth, not wobble freely across 360 degrees.
  • You just get on (the board will flex into a flatter position) and place your feet at the raised left and right sides, with knees slightly bent. After finding your center, use your arms and hips to “twist” — a kind of shimmying motion that causes the board to pivot back and forth with your body.
  • Balance boards come in a variety of styles and can be used for balance training, workouts, or recreation. The Simply Fit is most suitable for workouts.
  • It appeared on the television show Shark Tank — where entrepreneurs pitch their product to a panel of investors, in a bid to get funding — and was backed by panelist Lori Greiner.

Who is this fitness board for?

This is a very simple fitness board, perfect for beginners. It comes with a DVD of Simply Fit Board exercises which will be a great resource for anyone new to either workout routines or incorporating workout accessories.

People of all ages can try hopping on. It’s pretty portable and very storable. It’ll be good for those who just want to do quick, easy exercise when they have time and standing (twisting?) room.

Simply Fit Board Overview


  • Yeah, it works: you’ll begin to feel the benefits of Simply Fit in your stomach and legs if you’re a newbie or if you adjust the workout to your current fitness level.
  • More than meets the eye: simple twisting is played up in marketing, but Simply Fit can accommodate quite a few modified exercises. It really works well as a base platform for squats, weighted arm exercises, pushups, planks…the DVD and user guide detail this selection as well.
  • Easy to get the hang of: though exercising isn’t all too complicated in itself, the tools can be intimidating. But you can master the Simply Fit by the end of your first session and it’s smooth sailing from there.


  • Easy to grow out of: for people with higher-level workout routines or good balance (if you actively skateboard or surf, for example), this probably isn’t a great addition to your exercise schedule.
  • Best on carpet: carpet doesn’t get any love nowadays, so if you’ve ripped all of it out of your home, you’ll want to invest in some sort of mat to place under the board. Still a good idea even if you do have carpet, as the Simply Fit is capable of shuffling across the floor during use.
  • Knees and back: it puts a minor amount of strain on the knees, but noticeable over time if you have bad knees. It could also aggravate lower back pain (although it should be beneficial in the long run!).


The price of a Simply Fit balance board and workout DVD bundle is $40 plus shipping and handling, per the official website. Honestly, that seems kind of steep but isn’t out of line with other balance boards.

However, better deals are available through retailers like Amazon or Walmart, which list it at about half the price. These seem to be the board only, without DVD.


Simply Fit Board reviews indicate that with prolonged, consistent use, the board is prone to cracking down the middle. It is not due to weight concerns, simply the stress that’s put on the center.

Since you’re balancing at either end, the center is where the flexing will happen, but the plastic isn’t reinforced in that area. Although not everyone reports splitting, it is a concern to be aware of.


  • Mildly improve balance and do some
    core strengthening? 
  • Fit a little easy cardio into your
    day to day? 

Yes, the board is effective.

  • Burn stomach fat and increase ab definition? 
  • Make exercising more entertaining?

No, that won’t really happen. (The shimmy twist gets old pretty fast…you’ll have to rely on your own dedication.)

Exercises that engage your core and target the abs can be used to tone up if you already have some definition. And building core muscle strength is one important aspect of balance training, which is why the board helps improve balance over time.

But the Simply Fit alone will not help you shed fat and reveal abs. Not without being paired with diet/nutrition and more calorie burning. As for toning your legs — they’ll actually acclimate fairly quickly unless you add variation.

How does it compare to similar products?

When it comes to balance boards, there are few simpler in use or construction than the Simply Fit. If you’re willing to expand your horizons, however, things get tricky. Other products fill the same niche but aren’t truly comparable.

Other rockers have squarish platforms that can be oriented to tilt front to back or side to side; round wobble-style balancers aren’t board shaped at all. Some of these are cheaper than Simply Fit, some a similar price, and others more expensive. Balance boards that are more durable occupy a higher price bracket and some have separated fulcrums, making them more advanced.

So the Simply Fit Board is a defining
entry level product in the rocker-style balance board category.


The Simply Fit workout balance board is a good introductory product to add cardio, workout routines, or a little more balance to your life. It won’t grant you abs or sick calves, but it will strengthen your core and work your hamstrings.

There are questions as to its durability, but if you can snag it at a reduced price, it could be worth opening the door to simple, easy exercise.

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