Veritas Sports Cream – Max Recovery

Recovery will never be the same with the new Veritas Farms Sports Cream! Thanks to the pure plant-derived ingredients used, Veritas provides fitness enthusiasts with a potent and completely natural way to recover faster and boost overall health.

Veritas Farms Sports Cream – Max Recovery

Critically acclaimed wellness brand Veritas Farms specializes in natural supplements designed to support a variety of lifestyles. Recover faster with Veritas Farms’ herbal-infused Sports Cream. The 600mg solution designed for sore and achy muscles is formulated by skilled compound pharmacists to bring maximum results. Specifically designed to optimize absorption, the max recovery Sports Cream will help you return to your best-performing self in no time. Some of the benefits include:

  • Helps shorten the recovery period after strenuous workouts
  • Loosens tired muscles
  • Relieves temporary pain related to everyday activities

A Natural Solution to Recovery – The Veritas Difference

There is no question that Veritas Farms Sports Cream is up there with the best in terms of effectiveness. When it comes to quality, Veritas Farms speak for themselves. The meticulous process used pays the utmost attention to detail when manufacturing its products. This guarantees quality formulas free of solvents, pesticides, or synthetic substances and flavorings. 

About Veritas Farms

Headquartered in South Florida, Veritas Farms is a natural wellness brand with an impressive collection of plant-derived products. They offer a diverse assortment of high-quality, naturally-derived formulas, including oils, edibles, skincare products, and tinctures for pets. However, what truly sets them apart from the competition is the unique manufacturing process and unremitting commitment to transparency.

Unlike most wellness brands, Veritas Farms is a vertically-integrated company. This means that they control their supply chain, so they are undeviatingly involved in every step of the production of its quality products, from the extraction to the manufacturing of their natural Sports Creams. They are there from the beginning until the end—from soil to oil.

Shop Veritas Farms for More Quality Products

If you haven’t switched to topical treatments to relieve physical discomfort, now is a perfect time. With so many wellness brands and even more herbal creams on the market today, finding an effective product from a trustworthy brand has become challenging. 

Veritas Farms provides an easy solution to achy muscles with its open, transparent approach and a fully-integrated manufacturing process that guarantees pure, premium quality products. If you are looking for effective and reliable plant-derived products, look no further than Veritas Farms.

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