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Winter Escape Essentials You Didn’t Know You Needed

For outdoor fanatics, snow sports weekends contain all the ingredients for a perfect getaway – stunning views, the crisp mountain air, and glistening slopes. The most important thing is to prepare for it. You can plan your Airbnb and activities down to the last second, but if you fail to gather the right gear, your snowy escape could turn into a nightmarish stay at the Shining Hotel. 

Experienced ski enthusiasts and first-timers all share the same fundamental kit list, some of which include: ski goggles, jackets, base layers, socks, gloves, and neck warmers. Awesome, you’ve gathered all of that already. What about FAB’s new Body Salve?

The Perfect Slope Sidekick

FAB’s Body Salve roll-on is the perfect sidekick to bring with you on the slopes. It’s small, fits in your jacket, and is designed to provide a warming sensation that will help ease any sore muscles and joints. The 1000mg (& 3000mg) Body Salves are made with a blend of essential oils, botanical terpenes, and a heating and cooling element to give you the support and relief you need after a hard day of slipping and sliding! 

You can ski down the mountain of natural ingredients found in FAB’s Body Salve. Some of these natural ingredients include Cinnamomum camphora oil and rosemary oil, which deliver calming, pain-relieving, heating effects. A blend of ginger oil and tea tree oil to further enhance the anti-inflammatory properties.

About FAB

Established in 2017, FAB quickly made a name for itself by offering quality botanical products made with entirely natural formulations. Moreover, all their formulas are third-party tested, ensuring the highest quality, safety, and purity standards. So when you buy from FAB, you are getting the best natural supplements available out there.

With one of the most extensive customer bases in the wellness space, the brand has firmly instituted a community of health-minded individuals through their mission, making FAB the go-to option for newcomers and seasoned health enthusiasts alike.

Affiliate Disclaimer

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