TheraBand Water Weights Review and Best Water Weights

Brand Price Durability Comfort Effectiveness
TheraBand $$$ High High High
AquaJogger $$ Medium High Medium
Speedo $$ High Medium Medium
Kiefer $ Medium Medium Medium
Water Gear $$ High High High

What is Water Weights?

If you’re into aquatic exercise or thinking about diving into it, water weights are a game-changer. They add resistance to your workouts while being easy on your joints. One brand that stands out in this space is TheraBand. Let’s dive into why TheraBand water weights are awesome, how they compare to other options, and what you need to know to pick the best water weights for your workouts.

Benefits of Aquatic Exercise

Aquatic exercise is getting a lot of love these days, and for good reason. Here are some top benefits:

Low Impact on Joints

So, like, check it out: water’s got this cool thing called buoyancy, right? And that’s like a real blessing for your joints. So, if you’re dealing with arthritis, joint pain, or any pesky injuries, diving into some aquatic exercise could be your jam. You know why? ‘Cause when you’re in the water, you can move around all chill without stressing about wrecking your joints. Plus, the whole low-impact vibe of water workouts? Total game-changer. It’s like your body’s way of saying, “Hey, let’s keep things safe and groovy.” So, whether you’re a young gun or seasoned pro, water workouts are where it’s at for keeping fit and injury-free.

Resistance Benefits

Water offers natural resistance, which helps tone muscles and build strength without needing heavy weights. It works your muscles in all directions, giving you a more balanced workout. This resistance is not only gentle on the body but also effective in increasing muscle endurance and flexibility. The harder you push against the water, the more resistance you create, allowing for a customizable workout intensity.

Enhanced Cardiovascular Health

Regular water workouts can boost your heart health. The water’s resistance makes your heart work harder, improving your cardiovascular fitness. Aquatic exercises can help lower blood pressure, improve circulation, and increase overall cardiovascular endurance. Additionally, the cooling effect of water can make cardio workouts more enjoyable, reducing the perceived effort compared to land-based exercises.

Suitable for All Fitness Levels

Whether you’re a newbie or a pro, aquatic exercise is your flexible friend. Adjust the intensity and resistance to suit your vibe. It’s the ultimate option for everyone, whether you’re chillin’ with easy moves or ramping up the intensity for a serious sweat sesh.

Overview of TheraBand Water Weights

TheraBand is a well-known name in the fitness world, and their water weights live up to the hype. They’re designed to make your water workouts more effective and fun.

Types of TheraBand Water Weights

TheraBand’s got this sweet lineup of aqua gear, like dumbbells and ankle/wrist weights, perfect for getting your sweat on in the pool. They’re super user-friendly and comfy, making them a top pick for all sorts of workouts. With the dumbbells, you’ve got options—pick the size that fits your vibe and dial in the resistance for your fitness journey. And those ankle/wrist weights? They’re like a little extra kick for your limbs, cranking up the intensity of your reps and giving you that extra burn.

Key Features

  • Material: Made from durable, water-resistant materials that stand up to frequent use in pools.
  • Design: Ergonomically designed for a comfy grip, preventing slipping even when wet.
  • Weight Options: So, like, these bad boys come in different heaviness options, y’know? Whether you’re just starting out or you’re already a seasoned pro, there’s a weight that’s just right for you.

Detailed Review of TheraBand Water Weights

Design and Build Quality

TheraBand water weights are built to last with high-quality materials. The ergonomic design makes them easy to hold and prevents slipping, even during intense workouts. The construction materials are chosen to withstand the harsh conditions of chlorinated and saltwater pools, ensuring the weights remain functional and reliable over time.

Ease of Use

These weights are super user-friendly, perfect for both newbies and pros. They attach and detach easily, making your workout smooth and hassle-free. The simplicity of their design means you can quickly incorporate them into your routine without needing complicated instructions or setup.

Comfort During Exercise

The soft, cushioned surface of TheraBand water weights ensures you stay comfortable during long workouts. The ergonomic handles give you a firm grip, reducing hand fatigue. This comfort is crucial for maintaining good form and preventing blisters or calluses, allowing you to focus on your exercise rather than discomfort.


TheraBand water weights are incredibly durable. They can handle regular use in chlorinated water without breaking down, so you can count on them for the long haul. They’re made to last, with materials that shrug off fading, cracking, and all the other stuff that usually messes with your gear. So, dive in and pump some iron, these babies are here for the long haul, looking good and kicking butt!


These weights are like the Swiss Army knife of workouts! Whether you’re pumping iron, doing some cardio, or getting bendy, these babies got your back. Dive into your aquatic fitness routine with these bad boys—they’re as flexible as your yoga instructor. Tone those guns, sculpt those legs, and tighten that core with ease. These weights are the ultimate all-in-one for getting your whole body in shape.

Pros and Cons


  • High-quality and durable materials ensure long-lasting use.
  • Comfortable and ergonomic design for a better workout experience.
  • They’ve got these adjustable weights for all levels of fitness.
  • Versatile for different exercises, from strength training to cardio.


  • Can be pricier than some other brands, but the quality justifies the cost.
  • Sometimes hard to find in certain areas, requiring online orders.

User Experience and Testimonials

Summarized User Reviews

Users love TheraBand water weights for their comfort, durability, and effectiveness. The ergonomic design and ease of use get a lot of praise. Many users report significant improvements in their aquatic workouts, noting that the weights are easy to integrate into their routines and provide noticeable results.

Common Positive Feedback

  • Comfortable Grip: Users love the comfortable grip, which makes longer workouts more enjoyable.
  • Durability: Many users mention that these weights hold up well over time, even with frequent use.
  • Effective Workouts: The resistance they provide really helps boost workout intensity, leading to better fitness outcomes.

Common Criticisms

  • Price: Some find them a bit expensive compared to other brands.
  • Availability: They can be hard to find in some places, sometimes requiring you to order them online.

Comparison with Other Popular Water Weights

Criteria for Comparison

We looked at price, durability, comfort, and effectiveness to compare TheraBand with other popular brands. These criteria help determine which weights offer the best value and performance for your money.


TheraBand is top-notch for quality and performance, though it’s a bit pricier. AquaJogger and Speedo are good mid-range options, while Kiefer and Water Gear offer solid performance at lower prices. TheraBand stands out for its durability and comfort, making it a worthwhile investment for serious aquatic exercisers.

Best Water Weights in the Market

Criteria for Selection

We considered effectiveness, user reviews, value for money, and material quality to pick the best water weights. These factors ensure that the selected weights provide the best overall experience and results for users.

Top Picks

  1. TheraBand Water Weights

TheraBand leads the pack with its high quality and performance. They’re durable, comfortable, and provide excellent resistance. These weights are ideal for anyone looking to maximize their aquatic workouts.

  1. AquaJogger Hand Buoys

AquaJogger Hand Buoys are a great, slightly cheaper alternative. They’re comfy and easy to use, making them popular among casual and dedicated exercisers alike.

  1. Speedo Aqua Fitness Barbells

Speedo’s barbells are durable and reasonably priced. You can hit up a whole bunch of exercises with ’em, and they’re legit for everyone, whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned pro. They’re the go-to pick for pumping iron without any fuss.

  1. Kiefer Water Workout Dumbbells

Kiefer dumbbells are budget-friendly and perform well. They’re lightweight and great for beginners who are just starting with aquatic exercise.

  1. Water Gear Aquatic Hand Weights

Water Gear weights are durable and comfy. They offer excellent resistance and are close in quality to TheraBand, making them a strong contender in the market.

Tips for Choosing the Right Water Weights

Consider Your Fitness Level and Goals

Pick weights that match your fitness level and goals. Beginners might want lighter weights, while more advanced users can go for heavier options. Assessing your current strength and fitness goals will help you choose the right resistance level to ensure effective workouts.

Importance of Comfort and Grip

Make sure the weights have a comfortable grip to prevent hand fatigue during your workouts. Ergonomic handles and cushioned surfaces can make a big difference in your overall comfort and ability to maintain proper form.

Durability and Material Quality

Choose weights made from high-quality materials that can handle frequent use in water. Look for products that are resistant to chlorine and saltwater to ensure they last longer and maintain their functionality.

Price vs. Value

Consider the value and long-term benefits of the weights. High-quality weights like TheraBand are worth the investment as they offer better performance and durability over time, making them a smarter financial choice in the long run.

User Reviews and Ratings

Check out user reviews and ratings to see how others feel about the weights. They can give you a good idea of the product’s performance and any potential issues you might encounter. Real-life feedback from other users can be invaluable in making an informed decision.


TheraBand water weights are a fantastic choice for anyone looking to enhance their aquatic workouts. They’re durable, comfortable, and offer excellent resistance, making them suitable for all fitness levels and exercise routines. While they might be a bit pricier than some other brands, their superior quality and performance justify the investment. With these babies in your arsenal, you’ll be leveling up your aquatic exercise game and crushing those fitness goals like a champ.

Key Takeaway: 

Investing in high-quality water weights like TheraBand can significantly enhance your aquatic workouts by providing excellent resistance, durability, and comfort. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned pro, these bad boys are your ticket to crushing those fitness goals and feeling like a champ in the pool.


1. How do I maintain and care for my TheraBand water weights?

Rinse TheraBand water weights with fresh water after each use and store them in a dry place away from direct sunlight.

2. Can I use TheraBand water weights for rehabilitation exercises?

Absolutely! TheraBand water weights are ideal for rehabilitation exercises due to their low-impact nature and adjustable resistance levels. They can help strengthen muscles, improve range of motion, and promote healing without putting excessive strain on injured or recovering joints.

3. Are TheraBand water weights suitable for children?

TheraBand water weights can be used by older children under adult supervision. It’s essential to choose weights that are appropriate for the child’s size, strength, and fitness level. Kick off with the lighter ones and slowly dial up the resistance as the kid gets buffed up and nails those underwater workouts.

4. How do I choose the right weight for my fitness level?

When selecting water weights, consider your current fitness level, exercise goals, and any physical limitations or restrictions you may have. Start with lighter weights if you’re new to aquatic exercise or have limited strength, and gradually increase the resistance as you become more accustomed to the workouts. And hey, don’t be afraid to hit up a fitness pro or a physical therapist for some guidance on what weight suits you best. They’ve got the inside scoop on this stuff.

5. Can I use TheraBand water weights in saltwater pools?

Yes, TheraBand water weights are suitable for use in both chlorinated and saltwater pools. However, it’s essential to give ’em a good rinse with fresh water after every dip to shake off any salt or other junk that might mess with their vibe, ya feel? Keepin’ ’em clean and fresh will make sure your TheraBand water weights stay rad for ages.


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